AMA - American Management Advisors, Inc.

The Corporate Renewal and Turnaround Professionals 

When there is uncertainty for tomorrow …                                                                      

                                                              You better have it corrected today.


We rebuild companies to flourishing, profitable, and prospering entities.

Declining or distressed entities have two common characteristics:

…        They are running out of time    

…        They are running out of money

In times of crisis or decline, you need an AMA hands-on professional who has the experience, skills, and confidence to return your business to a profitable, flourishing and strong cash flow producing entity.



Accelerating Profit Performance

Boosting Operational Efficiency + Productivity

Creating + Implementing Comprehensive Business Turnaround Action Plans

Designing + Implementing Management Control Systems

Corporate Performance Evaluations + Assessments

Cash Flow + Liquidity Management

Cost Reduction

Insolvency and Reorganization Services

Chapter 11/Guidance + Preparation

Return-to-normal Growth Strategies

We are dedicated to revitalizing troubled companies and organizations. We are results-driven. Our overriding objective is to save the company and your employee's jobs through our proven methods, techniques, and experience.

In troubled times, you want our hands-on and thoroughly experienced professionals. They will take significant measures that create a realistic cost-structure, build a more productive and efficient organization, prepare you to be competitive, and produce the highest possible profit - all without compromising service or quality. We design a new road map and implement the necessary changes. Each day with our hands-on professionals brings new opportunities that boost your momentum to get you there. Revitalizing your business and creating profits and values are backed by the best team of experts in the industry.

Join our hands-on experts as we create and implement a turnaround strategy and success story for your business. We achieve results - one client at a time. Our professionals are applying a "do it today" approach to assist your business, your lenders, your creditors, your shareholders, and all other stakeholders in revitalizing and turning your entity around into a profitable and flourishing company.

AMA - American Management Advisors, Inc. is the expert provider of corporate renewal, turnaround, restructuring, and rebuilding of entities to create the fundamentals for a long-term success - For start-ups to mature companies. In the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

            We are members and supporters of the TMA - Turnaround Management Association.

AMA - American Management Advisors, Inc.

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