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(Chapter 11 Planning and Exit Strategies)

Often the uniformed business owner believes that filing a bankruptcy petition is the only way out of an unpayable debt. The fact is, however, very few businesses survive a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.  Therefore, Bankruptcy is not a good option.

AMA can assist you in restructuring loan commitments, discount vendor debts, create a work-out plan, plus a host of other options that give you a better result than a bankruptcy filing. We are your alternative solution to a bankruptcy filing.

As the last and final resort, companies sometimes have no options left. These companies usually have waited far too long for professional turnaround specialists. Both, time and money ran out. Unfortunately, most of those cases have no more time and no more money to survive. Bankruptcy is the last option. But even then, professional help is necessary. The Bankruptcy Law is full of traps for the business owner to cope with. Creditors will tear you apart if you don't have a strong partner on your side. Vendors take advantage of you left and right. Employees leave you and jump the ship. Key executives and managers are searching for a new job. You are left alone, in the cold. We can help. If Chapter 11 is really the only option left, there are steps to take that prepares you personally and your company from stepping into some serious traps. Don't just hire an attorney and hope that he will salvage your business. He is an attorney, not a business person. Talk to us in confidence to discuss the best approach for your situation! We do not give legal advice - we give you the best business advice.

Our professional services may include the following:

  • Assist the Company in DIP financing
  • Assist the Company in liquidation of non-essential assets
  • Assist the Company in pre-bankruptcy planning to build cash reserves to cope with additional attorney, administrative, and court costs
  • Assist the Company in the negotiations and development of pre-packaged Chapter 11 plans
  • Assist the Company in reaching an agreement with its creditors on an out-of-court basis
  • Assist the Company in its management of limited resources
  • Assist the Company in the identification of suitable insolvency counsel to represent the Company
  • Assist the Company in taking the appropriate steps to preserve cash and liquid assets prior to bankruptcy filing
  • Assist the Company in the identification of personally guaranteed debts which need to be dealt with prior to bankruptcy filing
  • Assist the Company in the accumulation of all financial information which is required in the bankruptcy petition
  • Assist the Company in the closing of the books as of the petition date, and the opening of new set of books of the period post filing
  • Assist the Company in the preparation of the required monthly operating reports as directed by the Office of The U.S. Trustee
  • Assist the Company in the management, determination, recordation, and reconciliation of the creditor claims against the Debtor
  • Assist the Company in the analysis of unexpired leases and other executory contracts.
  • Assist the Company in procuring post-petition financing
  • Assist the Company and it counsel in preparing for court hearings in connection with a variety of issues, which may include cash collateral issues, lift stay motions, DIP financing alternatives, claims objections, motions to assume or avoid executory contracts or unexpired leases, motions to approve the sale or use of assets outside of the ordinary course of the debtor's business,
  • Assist the Company in its overall investigation into the financial affairs which may include a complete review of the debtor's financial operations for several years, a detail preference analysis, a detailed fraudulent conveyance analysis, a review of all insider relationships and related financial transactions, a feasibility study of any proposed Plan of Reorganization.
  • Assist the Company in all financial reporting issues during the pendency of the bankruptcy proceeding and after confirmation of the Plan of Reorganization.
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