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    Advantages of AMA:
        • We have only senior executives and managers with 20+ years experience as CEO, CFO, COO, President, Managing Directors ... or similar positions
        • Some of our partners are CTP's - Certified Turnaround Professionals
        • Some of our partners owned their own business in the past
        • All of our people have successfully led large and small organizations across every function and business cycle
        • We know how to excel and we know what it takes to make your business successful again


Advantages of our Turnaround Professionals:


  • Our Turnaround Professionals enter your business with a fresh eye and with complete objectivity.
  • Our Turnaround Professionals are able to see problems and create new solutions that have been ignored or neglected by insiders because they are too close to the topics.
  • Our Turnaround Professionals have no political agenda and can make unpopular yet necessary steps for a healthy survival of the company.
  • Our Turnaround Professionals know how to deal with angry debtors, vendors, wary customers, nervous board of directors, and disappointed.
  • Our Turnaround Professionals bring years of experience in crisis situation and can "stop the bleeding" fast.
  • Our Turnaround Professionals have a proven track record in various "business battles".
  • Our Turnaround Professionals work discreetly and honestly. We are members of the TMA and we hold our professionals to a strict code of ethics.

What  makes  AMA  so  different?

  • AMA focuses to maximizes stakeholders value for all parties at interest.
  • AMA focuses on results and achieves the desired outcome in the shortest possible time and at or under budget.
  • AMA takes actions to achieve mutually agreed goals.
  • AMA increases revenue and profits.
  • AMA reduces costs and creates a better cash flow with an immediate debt pay down plan.
  • AMA solves critical issues and problems fast.
  • AMA achieves higher productivity, efficiency, quality, and lower operating expenses.
  • AMA improves your customer satisfaction and retention through better service.
  • AMA shows management of how to focus on key performance issues.
  • AMA creates a successful management team.
  • AMA creates results, establishes reliability and credibility.
  • AMA operates with absolute honesty and frankness.
  • We pride ourselves with the highest integrity level and we work discreetly.
  • We focus on achievements of profit, cash flow, return to Owners/Shareholders, Shareholder value, and long-term growth.
  • Each of our principals and partners average 20+ years experience. Some of our professionals had their own business in the past.
  • We concentrate on total client satisfaction.

Our mission is to repair and revitalize your Company. We are committed to your quest for achieving operational and financial excellence and long-term profitable growth with a high return to all shareholders. AMA ensures you with superior value in all engagements by restoring profitability and positive cash flow and building strong relationships.

Whether we are engaged as an interim executive, or as a consultant / advisor, we apply our four guiding methods:


Without Cash, no entity can survive.

We identify all the net cash contributors of every segment and activity within your organization.

We focus on cash sources and we know of where to find and generate cash quickly.


Your are racing against time - when a business is declining nothing is worse than delaying and procrastinating.

Improvements implemented in slow motion is useless!

We do everything with utmost speed: assessments, recommendation, implementation.

Fast and accurate - do it today. That is our method and style.

Our goal is to rebuild your business as fast as possible.


In most cases, debtors find themselves becoming less effective when they deal with creditors, lenders, vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, and shareholders.

We seek cooperation with all parties involved, whether internal or external stakeholders.


Our policy is that we communicate regularly and often - formally and informally.

We think that our clients should know what we know.

Furthermore, we communicate effectively and honestly across all and between levels of an organization such as management, employees, creditors, suppliers, and shareholders.

We believe that open communication channels are vital to fill any voids and/or to eliminate any rumors or wrong assumptions.


AMA - American Management Advisors, Inc.

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